Are you prepared for WFX-FIT?

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) and member agencies have recently released a new booklet to help firefighters prepare for the national exchange fitness test known as WFX-FIT.

The safety and wellness of fire fighters is a high priority for CIFFC and its’ member agencies.  The WFX-FIT is an unbiased, valid and reliable assessment of the ability of WFF to meet the rigorous demands required to safely and efficiently complete the critical emergency tasks involved in wildland fire fighting in Canada.

The WFX-FIT circuit is also based on the importance of working in various types of terrain as identified by the wildland firefighters.  The circuit components are identical for wildland firefighters in all agencies because they simulate the physically demanding tasks all wildland firefighters face.


The time it takes wildland firefighters to complete the tasks simulates the increasing difficulty of working in challenging terrain such as mountains and muskeg.

There are 5 components to the WFX-FIT test, a screening component and 4 performance components.

  1. Carry pump on back
  2. Hand carry pump
  3. Hose pack lift and carry on back, and
  4. Charged hose advance

For more information about the test visit the WFX-FIT website or  download your copy of the booklet here…  Are You Prepared for WFX-FIT?